torstai 21. marraskuuta 2013


hello! time for a proper post thing which isn't just random selfies :ooo yes, i didnt know it was possible either (i probably will stick a selfie somewhere though XD)
so around march this year my friend Kleme introduced me to a website called Polyvore that im sure atleast some of you know. back then i only used it for shopping purposes (actually i just looked at everything that i wanted...) but about a month ago i started using it to make sets! its honestly the most addicting thing ever. i mostly make fashion ones but you can also make beauty & home deco ones ♥ i love creating ones with different styles, and i would love to wear all of the sets i make! :3 here's a few of my personal favorites from my own sets (:

this one is actually my only beauty related set but i'd like to make more  >3<

my friend peachu is changing up her style to fairy kei and it inspired me to make a set of how i would dress as fairy kei ;3

these two are some of the several sets i've made for dates :D if i ever went on one i would die for one of these outfits! ♥

i better stop here before i share all of my sets! :D if you'd like to check out my polyvore just klick RIGHT HERE ;3 
anyway i hope you enjoyed this post! i havent made a post like this before, so please let me know if you'd like to see more than just andom pictures all the time (:

until next time

lauantai 16. marraskuuta 2013

my week (:

starbucks finally opened, ive been there 3 times already! XD ♥

i got a package from london containing a late birthday present from elena :3

i met Kata from Electric Space Carousel and i got a picture with her but then my face did this thing and im so mad at myself for it! :///

well um i guess thats it! (: sorry i havent been able to post, ive got alot going on at the moment.

until next time

lauantai 9. marraskuuta 2013

so doge very passion

hello! (: me and my friend jasmin went outside yesterday to take some pictures of her dogeeeeeees 8) <333 so um he here they are prepare for very drama so fashion

so thats it xd hope you enjoyed!

until next time


maanantai 4. marraskuuta 2013


firstly i just wanna just attatch the link to Asylum Teaparty's giveaway (:

HELLO! <3 so i got a little excited on picmonkey today and ended up just editing various photos xd all of them have the same base filter but otherwise each is different :3 hope you enjoy!

elisiis mä innostuin muokkailee kuvii picmonkeyl xd näis kaikissa on sama perusefekti mut muuten nää on kaikki erilailla muokattui :3 toivottavasti pidätte (:

until next time

lauantai 2. marraskuuta 2013

still alive! ~

oon maailman huonoin blogikirjottaja täl hetkel mut mä nyt syytän taas koulua ja öhh tumblrii XD ei vaan mulla ei oo todellakaa ollu aikaa kuvata mitää, en oo julkassu viime aiokoina yhtä paljo videoitakaa :/ tää tuleva kuukaus on varsinki täynnä kokeita koska on jo marraskuu... mut täs on nyt muutama random kuva teille :P

so basically i havent had any time to take good photos or shoot videos, and i can only blame school & tumblr. november is also gonna be busy with exams and such things, so i apologize in advance for the lack of posts (: anyways, heres a few random photos for you guys xd

Picmonkeylla muokattu (:



Nää nolot varasti mun kameran ;3 8) <33

ajuu muuten, mä ja eeti ollaan tehty cosplay blogi yhes! (: sinne tulee iha kohta postaus, et ois tosi kivaa jos menisitte ja liittyisitte lukijoihi ♥ *KLIKS*

until next time